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Predamoor is an upcoming ROBLOX game based on the already-popular game Dinosaur Simulator.

The game will be a free-care, open world multiplayer game with many unique maps, skins and animals. You'll be able to expirience the life of a herbivore, defending yourself against the fierce predators that are waiting to sink their jaws and claws into you or running away from them. Be the predator and hunt prey with precision to secure your chance to see the next sunrise. Or be a small omnivore and eat whatever you'll find, plants, bugs, corpses, anything that you can eat. You'll be able to customise your animal with many amazing, cute, scary and bizzare skins that you'll get. But remember, no matter where are you or what state you're in, they are watching you and viewing you as dinner.

When the game's creation gets flowing, models get made and the map gets chosen, this Wikia will have more use, but for now it's just a placeholder so nobody else takes the name.

Right now the developer team,

DiscordTheWolf (Roblox: DiscordTheWolf)

OnlyCharmanderOrange (Roblox: OCharmanderO) 

Annoying Gardevoir342651 (Roblox: MothmanTheAnnoying) 

PrimalVortechs (Roblox: VortechsGaming) 

and Fanasman (Roblox: Fanasman),

and part-time,

EchoNightmareBlade (Roblox: Hyperferlam)

and Theferretman21 (Roblox: Theferretman21),

are working on creating the game. The stage we are currently in is model making. Please don't ask to become a model maker, if we need more we will ask. Do not ask for a Dev dino either because they won't be released until at least 1K people will start playing the game. Skins will be released after the 1K cap as well.

If you want to join our Discord server then please click on this link

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